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This article is about the character from The Rescuers. For other uses, see Digger (disambiguation).

Digger is a mole and one of the protagonists from Disney's 1977 hit The Rescuers. He is also one of the Swamp Folks.

Role in the film

Digger is seen for the first time when the swamp gang heads out to rescue Penny and is thrilled to be part of a good scrap. Digger claws underground and burrows very quickly after them. Although he loses them briefly, he makes it to the swamp boat in time to distract Medusa and Snoops while Penny runs to the swampmobile. When the vehicle refuses to start, Digger and Bernard examine the engine to find the problem. While Digger has one hand on a sparkplug, Bernard asks Digger to hold the end of a live circuit wire and points out to Penny that the spark lever needs to be operated in order to start. Digger is electrocuted but completes the circuit so the swampmobile can start up. He then successfully escapes the swamp boat with everyone else.



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