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"Dig Down Deeper" is the theme song of the Disney Fairies television special Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games. It is performed by Zendaya.


You can watch your garden grow
And skim along the surface, and take it slow
Just let nature have its way
Let your little flower bloom where they may
If you dig down deeper under the ground
Oh yeah, got to dig down deeper, girl you can
If you want to do it, then you better begin
to get a little bit dirty and dig deep down
You can keep things as they've always been
And you'll never leave the row
you've been planting in
Take a chance and make a leap
Anything can happen when you dig down deep
So dig down deeper under the ground
You gotta dig down deeper
If you're wanting to win, than you better begin
to get a little bit dirty and dig deep down
Come on and dig deep down!
So you decide to make your stand
Step up and put the world to shame
There may be no luck on your head
if you didn't choose this game
You don't want to lose this game
So dig down deeper under the ground
You've gotta dig down deeper
If you're wanting to win
Than you better begin to get
a little bit dirty and dig deep down

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