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Dewbacks are four-legged omnivorous, cold blooded reptiles native to the Dune Sea on Tatooine. They can be easily domesticated, made them commonly employed as beasts of burden. They can also be used as mounts.



  • In the song "Tatooine" from "Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars", Phineas mentions that he and Ferb could "train a pack of dewbacks".
    • They also appear briefly in some other scenes from the special that take place on Tatooine, such as when four Stormtroopers ride them in "In the Empire".
  • Despite being well-known characters, and the fact that it features many things from Tatooine, they are never shown in "Disney INFINITY: 3.0".
  • In the Original version of A New Hope, the Dewbacks were seen as immovable rubber puppets. But in the 1997 Special Edition version the Dewbacks are seen as CGI creatures. In The Phantom Menace The Dewbacks were seen again as CGI creatures. Only this time there were a dozen more Dewbacks seen in the movie then just 2 or 3 seen in the 1997 Special Edition version.
  • The Dewbacks from the 1997 Special Edition version were seen dragging their tails. But the Dewbacks from The Phantom Menace didn't drag their Tails, They were up in the air. Very similar to the changed facts of dinosaurs dragging their tails to having their tails up in the air for balance.

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