Detective Mickey Mouse is a 1985 Little Golden Book starring Mickey Mouse.


Detective Mickey receives a visit from famous actress Lola LaWow, who has come to request his help finding her missing poodle, Tutu. Mickey and Pluto accompany Lola to her mansion to look for clues. While they're driving over, Minnie sees them and, thinking that Mickey is flirting with the actress, follows after them.

Mickey questions Lola's butler, chauffeur, cook, and gardener, finding out that all of them don't get along well with Tutu. Mickey suspects that all four of them may have kidnapped the poodle, but Minnie listens in on their conversations and picks up different clues about Tutu's disappearance. Pluto then runs off and Mickey tries to find him. Minnie shows up and, after Mickey assures her that she's the only girl for him, she helps him look for Pluto and Tutu. They end up finding the two dogs at the grand opening of a sausage factory that Minnie saw a billboard for earlier. Afterward, Mickey makes Minnie his partner in his detective agency.