Derek Venturi is the eldest son of the Venturi kids and the eldest in the McDonald-Venturi family of the live-action series Life with Derek. He is the troublemaker of the family.

Character Description

Derek is a rebel. He doesn't listen to what most people say and doesn't care. He just tries to find the easy way out of every situation. Derek never does what he is supposed to. He also a womaniser. He doesn't care much for girls or their feelings. He just likes to date the pretty girls and then break up with them. Through all of this he is considered very popular at his school. He is also a good hockey player - which he tells girls to get more girls. Though since his new step-family, he has become a little more accepting and listen a little more often. He and his younger sister Marti  have a good relationship. They share a sibling bond usually he is very over-protective of her, Edwin and Lizzie.



Sally is Derek's co-worker from Smelly Nellies whom Derek had a crush on. With some interference and planning from Casey and Nora, they begin to date. Their relationship was solid, until Sally decides to go to UBC causing Sally and Derek break up. But they get back together soon afterwards, then break up for good when Sally actually goes to Vancouver - making Derek sad though he doesn't show it.


Kendra is another popular girl at Derek's school. They start dating when they figure out they both like each other - though Derek breaks up with her in "Misadventures in Babysitting". But Kendra still has feelings for him.


  • He cannot handle people who cry.
  • He is a womaniser.