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Dean Portman is a fictional hockey player from Chicago, Illinois. He is an enforcer and wears number 21. Dean first appears in D2: The Mighty Ducks as part of the Team USA (Junior Goodwill Games) team. He is the team's heavy enforcer that gives the Ducks a physical presence on the ice. He is close friends with fellow enforcer Fulton Reed and one half of the "Bash Brothers." Like Fulton, he dons a bandanna around his forehead, which is worn under his hockey helmet and shares a love for metal music with the other Bash Brother. He is present in the beginning of D3: The Mighty Ducks to accept the scholarships from Eden Hall but chooses to not attend Eden Hall. (This news is relayed to Charlie by Fulton who suggests that Portman may have decided to not accept the scholarship because Coach Bombay would not be in charge any more.) Portman does return for the JV-Varsity showdown in the last 15 minutes of the film D3: The Mighty Ducks and brings much needed spirit to the Ducks. He is put in the penalty box for 2 minutes after bringing down one of the varsity players in a dive and retaliates by stripping in the penalty box. Portman tends to be rough around the edges, especially when he is first introduced in D2. Later, he is shown to be laid-back when out having fun and enjoys flirting with attractive women. He is portrayed by Aaron Lohr.


  • "Yeah! It's ShowTime!" (First introduced to Bombay in D2.)
  • "Refs give me a break! That was a dive!" (Arguing with the referees when put in the penalty box for 2 minutes in D3.)
  • "Dean Portman is awarded a full athletic and academic scholarship to the Eden Hall Academy. I had this lying around my house in Chicago, my attorney suggested I sign it and I agreed. It's OFFICAL BOYS I'M BACK!!!" (Portman announcing his triumphant return in D3.)
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