Dazer (unofficial name) is a Hypnogrif Slug who belongs to Eli Shane. Eli unghouled from Mister Saturday. Eli now owns him. He has only ever shot Dazer in the Battle For Slugterra online game. In fact, he's only ever been seen in his debut episode.It has be only transformed in the game and isn't mega morph.


Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Can make you feel safe and happy.
  • Vertigoad - Hits opponent, overwhelming them with vertigo and warped perspective - difficult to see or shoot.
  • Psi-kick - Hits opponent, giving them short term memory loss - they forget why they're fighting.
  • Hypnopotomous - Mind controls opponent - makes them feel happy, content and oblivious- even to harm.
  • Berzerker - Produces uncontrollable anger/distraction in opponent - causing them to turn on their gang or slugs.