Day-O is a 1992 family TV-movie about an imaginary childhood friend Dayo who returns to the adult Grace, (played by Delta Burke) helping her through various adult crises. It was an early acting role for Elijah Wood. Grace is challenged by her own timidity to save her Grandfather's restaurant. Only the arrival of her imaginary childhood friend spurs her on to success.


  • Delta Burke as Grace Connors
  • Elijah Wood as Dayo
  • Carlin Glynn as Margaret DeGeorgio
  • Charles Shaughnessy as Ben Connors
  • David Packer as Tony DeGeorgio
  • Ashley Peldon as Grace (age 4)
  • Fred Dalton Thompson as Frank DeGeorgio
  • Caroline Dollar as Cory Connors
  • Bekka Eaton as Judith
  • Richard K. Olsen as Papa Louie
  • Michael Hunter as Man at the Park

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