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"Davy Crockett: Warrior's Farewell" is an episode of The Magical World of Disney. It originally aired on NBC on June 18, 1989.


During the Creek uprising, the soldiers are intimidated by the appearance of a medicine man who seems to have caused an earthquake. A new civilian in camp, Callahan, who is wanting to test a powerful new rifle, attempts to kill the unarmed medicine man, but Davy saves him. This incident helps bring peace, and the Tennessee volunteers can head home to their families.


  • Gary Grubbs ... George Russell
  • Molly Hagan ... Mary Gibbons
  • Tim Dunigan ... Davy Crockett
  • Garry Chalk ... Major Benteen
  • Sherri Stoner ... Amy
  • Prudence Wright-Holmes ... Mrs. Pickering
  • Lloyd Berry ... Willard
  • Ken Swofford ... Callahan
  • Clem Fox ... Medicine Man

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