David Shaughnessy (also spelled "Shaughnessey") is a British-born theatre and television director, producer, actor, and voice actor who supplied several character voices in Labyrinth. He was heard as Sir Didymus, The Hat, one of the Four Guards, and various goblins. As a voice actor, he was also heard as Gentleman Starkey in the FOX animated series Peter Pan and the Pirates (with Tim Curry as Captain Hook). Other acting credits include Danger UX-B (recurring as Lt. Tim Carter-Brown), Q.E.D., The Consultant, Minder, and Newhart.

For Disney, he voices Cumberlayne Aresko, Taskmaster Grint, and Refugee #1 in Star Wars Rebels,[1] Absolem and Uilleam in the Alice in Wonderland 2010 video game, and Heathcliff in the Disney animated film Big Hero 6, and Ulysses Klaw in Avengers Assemble.


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