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David "Dave" Stutler is the main protagonist from Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice.


Dave is a New York University physics major, lacking confidence and poise, not very popular with girls or even his fellow students. At the age of 10, he experiences a frightening incident when he encounters sorcerer Balthazar Blake after wandering into the bizarre Arcana Cabana curio shop. He’s given a dragon ring that comes to life on his finger, and he’s told that he’ll be a very important sorcerer himself. He then witnesses a furious battle between Balthazar and another sorcerer named Maxim Horvath which made him want to forget the whole matter. Until both Balthazar and Horvath re-enter his life 10 years later, forcing him to confront a destiny he would very much like to ignore!.


Dave's actor, Baruchel, states that; "Dave is his own worst enemy, the architect of his own misery. He spends his life trying to live down that moment in the Arcana Cabana when he first encountered Balthazar and Horvath. He gravitates towards physics, which is the discipline he gives his life to. When he meets up with Balthazar again, the sorcerer tells Dave that it was no coincidence that he drifted towards physics because although illusion and magic are different, magic and science are the same thing". Some of this mainly refers his trauma that he struggles with since he accidentally humiliate himself when Balthazar and Horvath fight each other, in which Horvath accidentally wet the young Dave's pants, something that his peers laughed at. This is also something that he berates on Balthazar when they reunite on Chrysler Building, implying that he was traumatized so much to the point that only psychiatrists could help him get better.

Though he can be a brave person when in the later fight against Morgana le Fay (especially after learning that Balthazar was feeling lonely for centuries and Horvath uses this against him by using a Disguise spell on a pedestrian that made her became Veronica's look-alike), Dave's actual personality are akin to nerdy, clumsy, and insecure college student lacking confidence and poise (though these traits became lessened as the movie progressed). He is also a bad liar, something that Balthazar likes.

Powers and Abilities


  • Magic: As a descendent of Merlin, Dave is immensely powerful, unlike other sorcerers he can use his magic without a magic ring; Dave is the only one of Merlin's descendents to inherit his ancestor's powers.


  • High-Level Intellect/Skilled Tactician: Dave is highly intelligent. As a sorcerer and college student, Dave is a capable tactician.


  • Dave was based upon the Apprentice from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice poem by Goethe, as both well known for an apprentice of powerful sorcerer and their attempt to cheat with magic led themselves into a serious trouble.
  • As the movie was inspired by Harry Potter series, Dave is equivalent with Harry Potter as both are young sorcerer whom destined to defeat a powerful dark spellcasters (Morgana for Dave and Voldemort for Harry), defeat a fallen/evil spellcaster (Lord Voldemort for Harry and Morgana for Dave), and discovering their potential with magic that revealed to be immense. But these are the only things that they mainly share in common, as unlike Harry Potter, Dave’s proficiency with magic wihout any catalysts are far better than Harry that can only depends with his wand for perform most of his magical skills, Dave’s parents are likely still alive unlike Harry’s whom died at hands of Voldemort, and Dave at first, curses his potential with magic out of his trauma with accidental humiliation as seen in the beginning of the movie, unlike Harry whom fascinated with it albeit doubts whether it was true or not.
  • Dave is also similar to Arthur Pendragon in The Sword in The Stone, Sorcerer Mickey from the Fantasia segment The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, and Hercules from the Disney film and series as all of them share their status as apprentices with a powerful master. However, Dave is more similar with Sorcerer Mickey and also The Apprentice due to their similar records of mystical accidents with Cleaning Spell albeit Dave’s case was worse:
    • Dave also attempts to cut one of the animated cleaning mops like Mickey did to an animated broom with an axe, but Dave was less successful, either it was due to his clumsiness or the animated mop was more agile than the broom in Fantasia.
    • Also what would happened to Dave during the chaos was more worse and lethal than Mickey had their master not saved them: He could have been electrocuted to death due to the flooding water being electrified with a nearby power source.
  • Dave's clumsy side of his personality appeared to be based on Milo Thatch's.


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