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Dave Barbarian the middle child and only brother of the three siblings, and the titular protagonist of the Disney Channel animated series of the same name.


Dave is a huge, muscular barbarian war-prince who would rather knit and cook than fight evil. A gentle giant, Dave is afraid of many things, and at least once an episode he will be frightened somehow and shriek his high-pitched, effeminate scream. Dave is allergic to many things, including cats, cheese, roses, dust, coal, and pudding. Whenever he goes near them his face turns purplish pink and swell up to approximately twice its size. He also expresses allergies to any kind of pain and being chopped up. According to Fang, Dave wanted to be a barbarian when he was young but thought a barbarian was a librarian who cut hair.

Dave fights with a magical talking sword called Lula, who is always trapped to his back and occasionally gives her opinion to comedic relief. Lula calls Dave by the name "David", and thinks he is too coward and girly, although it is clear that she likes him and his family (although she usually shows otherwise). Dave can be afraid even of his own sword, when she gets mad or insulted.

His deepest desire is for everyone to act more noble and high class while his job being making sweaters for poodles. Dave's catchphrases are "Bajabbers" and "Please don't hurt me! Oh, please, please, please!" He makes a big deal out of ingrown toenails. In one episode, he gets one. He wraps it in a splint and uses crutches to walk. He is very sensitive to pain.

Love interests

The show had a very short run, and because of this, there was not enough time for Dave to have too many love interests. He only had one main love interest in the show.

Princess Irmaplotz – The only love interest to actually appear on the show. She is the evil sorceress princess of Hierogoth. She was Dave's girlfriend for a short while. However, later in the episode, Dave dumped her because they were so different, causing her to seek revenge on him for splitting up with her. She still may have feelings for him though; she once got the chance to destroy Dave, but she chose not to do so.


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