Daredevil Days is the sixth in the series of chapter books based on Phineas and Ferb episodes, released on February 16, 2010. It is a novelization of "Crack That Whip" and "The Flying Fishmonger".


When Phineas and Ferb find out that their grandma Betty Jo used to be a roller-derby queen, they build an awesome rink—right in their backyard! Soon they discover that Jeremy Johnson’s grandmother used to be their Grandma’s skating rival, so they set up a contest to see which granny can roller derby her way to the finish line the fastest. The thrills continue when Phineas and Ferb build a gorge so their grandpa can do a radical stunt jump over it!

Differences between the book and the episodes

Sometimes the book has scenes changed around and some deleted scene or lines.

Part 1

  • Missing Line: "It's gonna knock 'em dead."
  • Missing Line: "Does this helmet make my butt look big?'
  • Missing Line: "Hey, isn't that your family?"
  • Missing Line: "I am so not with them!"
  • Betty Jo's flashback about the time the Bombers and the Slashers had a face-off at the roller rink is slightly shorter.
  • Shortened Line: (It's not fair if it's two boys and one girl against two girls and one boy) ", so you have to skate, Candace, or else it won't be fair."
  • Changed Line: After Monogram points out about the elevator, his line "Okay, just pointing it out" is changed to "Okay, back to business."
  • The scenes are changed around. After Perry's briefing, Perry goes over to Evil Inc. where Doofenshmirtz tells him part 1 of his evil plan. Then it shows Candace seeing the roller rink and then part 1 of the derby. Then it cuts right back to part 2 of the evil plan and back ton the derby. This was all changed so the book can go in the order unlike the episode does.
  • Missing Lines: "Et tu, Grandpa?' "No, I just had one." "There's more if you want."
  • When Doofenshmirtz tells about his evil plan, it is shorter than the episode. He also says "I've tried everything" instead of "I've tried everything to grow facial hair."
  • Changed Line: When the skaters are ready to start, Betty Jo says "Two words" and Hildegard says "Roadkill!" In the book, Betty says "One word: Roadkill."
  • Missing Scene: The end part of the song Ring of Fun where Phineas says "We're back!" is missing.
  • Missing Line: Phineas tells the crowd about when the skaters are all flying backwards.
  • Changed Line: "Betty Jo ain't gonna like that" ies changed to "Betty Jo isn't going to like that."
  • Missing Lines: "Who are you calling a loser, cheater?" "Who are you calling a cheater, loser?"
  • Missing Line: "My evil head!"
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