"Danville Swap Meet" is a song performed by Danny Jacob in the episode "Tri-State Treasure: Boot of Secrets".


We got chrome-plated carburetors,
Calibrated regulators,
Tube socks, cuckoo clocks,
Multi-colored alligators,
Taxidermy jackalope, presidential bar soap,
You can find it all at the swap meet.
You can take it away,
If you can fit it in your ride,
Gotta lower the seat and then give it a slide,
But there are things you gotta know when you head to the show,
If you added your stash you got to do it with cash.
Purple-padded toilet seat,
Dolphin made of concrete,
Hubcaps, mudflaps, food that isn't safe to eat,
Macramé dust mop, curtain made of pop-tops,
You can find it all at the swap meet.
You can find it all at the swap meet.
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