"Danville Square Dance" is a song performed by a square dance caller and Candace Flynn in the episode "Mind Share". Candace takes over from the caller in order to lead the alien criminals back to the mind sharing platform.


Square dance caller: Do-si-do with all your might
Join elbows and circle right
Now join hands with the lady fair
And promenade her around the fair
Pick it up now!
You're lookin' good out there
Now promenade your lady fair
Now join hands with the lady fair
And promenade her around the fair
Pick it up now!
Allemande with the old left hand
Hand over hand and heel over heel
The faster you go, the better you feel!
Now allemande right, tip her to and fro
Duck on under, don't be slow
Two more times then turn around,
Lift her up and set her down!
Now grab hands and-AIYEE!!
(Candace pushes the caller away and takes his megaphone)
Candace: Listen up, dweebs, and listen good:
You're gonna do what I say you should
If you're a reptile, four by four,
All join hands and head for the door!
That's right! Cross on through there.
Out the door and all turn west,
Together now, don't be a pest
Wait right here for all of us;
We're about to board the Main Street bus
I'm gonna get my brothers back,
You cosmic kleptomaniacs!
So get on up with a hop and a spring,
Climb on up on the... the...
Oh, what the heck did Phineas call that thing?
Oh, what did he call it? The... the transfer stage arena, the mind swap place, the... the, um...
Oh, I remember!
Climb on up that platform thing!
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