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"Dancing with Angels" is the eighty-seventh episode overall and the eighth episode of the fourth season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Justin and Rosie start dating but when their date gets ruined, they want a second date. Alex suggests an Angel Club in Los Angeles, but Rosie says that only Angels are allowed. Maxine will not tell their parents as long as Alex brings her back an Ozzy Osbourne stone. After Justin, Harper and Alex sneak in along with Rosie, Zedrik asks them if they are angels and they say they are. Back at the sub shop, Theresa and Jerry question Maxine to find out where Justin, Alex and Harper are, and Maxine does not say, so they force her to join a Pageant in order for her to tell them where they are. Things get bad at the angel club when Alex and Harper cannot fly, until Justin secretly pulls out his wand and gives Harper flying powers. Zedrick still questions them by giving them a test to sing while playing the harp. Though Alex, Justin, and Harper fail to do so, they are accepted as "angels" until the key-chain of Ozzy Osbourne's star reverts to normal;and Zedrik believes they are really angels of darkness, causing everyone in the club to run off, even Rosie. Rosie comes back at the end of the episode to comfort Justin, but when they both look over the city, Rosie's wings are shown to be black, the color of an angel of darkness' wings, but Justin does not see because he is looking forward. Meanwhile, Maxine ends up winning the beauty pageant, making Jerry and Theresa celebrate.


  • Key Largo, Key West, key chain – turns the object into a keychain

Magical objects

  • Angels


  • Jake T. Austin as Max Russo


  • Wesley Piernino as Announcer

Guest stars

  • Bailee Madison as Maxine, Leven Rambin as Rosie, Ransford Doherty as Zedrik

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