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Dancing Penguin is a cheerful brown penguin. He likes to dance (hence his name), owns a portable telescope, and likes riding on the Ski Lift. He appears in most Secret Missions and he gives players a thank-you card at the end of Mission 3, as an optional reward. The main reason in why he usually appears in Secret Missions is usually as a "side-mission" or "subplot", like having to fix his telescope or unjam the Ski Lift. As of the mission called The Veggie Villain, he currently needs glasses to see.

Involvement in Missions

  • Mission 1 - His telescope breaks, he cries and it gets fixed by a secret agent from the P.S.A.
  • Mission 3 - He cries and tells a secret agent that the power in the Dance Club has gone out.
  • Mission 4 - He cries because he wants to ride the Ski Lift, but it's broken.
  • Mission 7 - At the Ski Village, his snowman breaks and he cries about it, and he finds out the best snow in Club Penguin is at the Snow Forts.
  • Mission 11 - He breaks his glasses when he sat on them and cries about it, and when you fix them he says he will tell all of his friends about you and then Dot the Disguise Gal sends you the present saying you helped one of her friends.

Oddly enough, he cries in every mission he appears in, and it's because of something that broke. Some penguins believe everything breaks because he has "Bad luck" all the time.

Involvement in The Elite Penguin Force Missions

  • Alien Conspiracy - He asks you to help him decode several messages written in the snow. He later reveals that this was a test, and that he was watching you.

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