Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix, known as Dancing Stage featuring Disney's Rave in Japan and Dancing Stage Disney Mix in Europe, is a music video game based on Konami's popular Dance Dance Revolution series with animated Disney characters and electronic dance music remixes of past Disney songs. They also include a few non-Disney songs that were popular at the time of the game's release.


Gameplay is typical to other 4th Mix generation DDR games. The game also features Dance Magic mode, an item battle mode using a tug of war style lifebar, where combos increase a gauge which sends modifiers to the other player. The mode was not seen on any future DDR game until it was revived as Battle mode on SuperNOVA.

Console versions

Versions for the original PlayStation gaming system were released in North America, Japan, and Europe. European and US versions had slightly different song lists than the Japanese version, and included an unlockable "Maniac" difficulty level that could be reached once "Basic" and "Trick" difficulties were completed for each song. A Game Boy version of the game was also released in Japan.

Arcade version

An arcade version, Dancing Stage featuring Disney's Rave (one of the few non-European releases using the Dancing Stage name, normally used for DDR games in Europe), was also released in Japan. It is considered one of the rarest arcade versions of DDR.


The game features the following 20 songs:

  • Club Disney - "Are You Ready Do The Bus Stop"
  • NAOKI - "B4U"
  • Domino - "Chim Chim Cher-ee"
  • The Alfee feat. Donald Duck - "D.D.D!" - (Happy 65th Anniversary for Donald Duck)
  • Combined - "Fire"
  • NM feat. SUNNY - "HIGHER"
  • AbeatC All Stars - "It's A Small World"
  • Tomosuke/U1-Asami - "It's A Small World" (Ducking Hardcore MIX)
  • Chubby Checker - "Let's Twist Again"
  • Stone Bros. - "Let the beat hit em!"
  • Domino - "Macho Duck"
  • Domino - "Mickey Mouse March" (Eurobeat Version)
  • Domino - "Mickey Mouse March" (SUMMERTIME EXTENDED Version)
  • U1 Jewel Style - "Midnite Blaze"
  • Club Disney (sampling the 1963 Johnny Cymbal song "Mr. Bass Man") - Mr. Bassman
  • Niko - "Night Of Fire"
  • Julie Frost - "Share My Love"
  • Go Go Girls - "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious "
  • Domino - "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah "