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101 Dalmatians: The Series
“Dalmatian Vacation”
Season 1, Episode 63-65
Dalmatian vacation

The cover to the UK VHS release.

Air date: March 2-4, 1998
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"Dalmatian Vacation" is the three-part series finale of 101 Dalmatians: The Series.


  • This episode was released on video outside the US and on laserdisc in Japan. In the US, it was only issued on VideoCD.
  • The video version of the episode edits the three parts into one movie and features the songs "Dalmatian Vacation" and "Surf Puppies" which were not in the broadcast version. These songs were later added to the album The Music of One Saturday Morning in 1999.
  • On the VHS cover, Two-Tone has more spots on her upper half than she usually does, Whizzer is drawn with Dipstick's character model, and Cadpig appears twice.
  • For some reason, Disney Junior has only aired the third part of the serial, but has never aired the first or second parts. This could be due to some of the dark humor in the first part (Such as Spot getting on a truck full of chickens who are on their way to a slaughter house, thinking that "It's so happy; chickens never come back!") that Disney Junior found too scary for preschoolers, and suggestive situations in the second part (Cruella putting on an inflatable "sexy girl on the beach" costume in order to seduce Roger) that they found too inappropriate for preschoolers.

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