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Dallben's Farm Animals are minor characters in Disney's 1985 animated film, The Black Cauldron. They appear early in the film, while Taran dreams of becoming a warrior.

The farm animals are:

  • Hen Wen
  • Geese, that Taran harasses as they waddle quietly. Taran mimics a warrior and they play the role of minions.
  • The Goat, whom Taran put a stick between his horns and shakes it, because he plays the role of the Horned King, thanks to his horns.

The Black Cauldron

For revenge, he pushes Taran trying to brag by behind to blow horns and the young boy landed in the mud, what triggers the hilarity of geese, well avenged. These animals are not seen in the rest of the film and we don't known if they are aware of the power of Hen Wen.


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