Daffy Don is a Toon NPC Mouse and the owner of Daffy Taffy on Silly Street in Toontown Central.


SOS ToonEdit

Daffy Don is also an SOS Toon. He is a 4-star Toon-Up SOS. When called upon, he will use Juggling Balls to heal all toons in play.

As with all All-Toon Toon-Up gags, this Toon-Up will be divided evenly to all toons in battle.

This is an SOS Toon, therefore, all toons, including the caller, will be healed.

  1. Heals 70 Laff Points to One Toon
  2. Heals 35 Laff Points to Two Toons
  3. Heals 23 Laff Points to Three Toons
  4. Heals 18 Laff Points to Four Toons