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"Dad's Buggin' Out" is the sixty-ninth episode overall and the eighteenth episode of the third season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Justin and Zeke are preparing for the Alien Language League banquet which will be hosted at the Sub Station. Alex carelessly leaves the portal to the Wizard World open, and a pocket elf and fairy escape as well as a Wizard bug, which bites Jerry, and he transforms into a huge insect. He interferes with the Alien Language League Banquet and Justin's hopes of getting a Lifetime Achievement Award by scaring away Joey the Crepe kid and eating all the homemade crepes Theresa was forced to make after Joey ran away, but things take a turn for the better when Alex helps Justin by presenting Jerry in his bug form, as an alien from another planet, knowing how important getting the award is to Justin. In the end Justin is given the Lifetime Achievement Award trophy after all, but Jerry, who is still a giant insect, accidentally melts it.

Magical Objects

  • Wizard Bug, Pocket Elf, Fairy


  • The pocket elf is featured in the episode from season 1, "I Almost Drowned In a Chocolate Fountain", and the fairy Sparkle is from season 2 in the episode "Fairy Tale". Paulie Litt who played Frankie in season 1 has now been renamed Joey. The trophy Justin receives in this episode is the same trophy Harper receives in the episode "Marathoner Helper" (season 3).

Guest starring

  • Dan Benson as Zeke, Paulie Litt as Joey the Crepe Kid and Michael Monken as McGruder, Rachel Cannon as Flutter, Al Madrigal as Spanish Pocket Elf

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