Daan Jippes is a Dutch writer and artist. He is also a comic book writer and artist for licensed publishers of Walt Disney characters in USA, the Netherlands and Denmark since 1972.



  • Was Nominated for an Award (a Hugo Award)
  • Was born on October 14, 1945 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
  • Appeared in the article "Stripschrift" (Holland) in September, 2001
  • Alternate names are Daan J. Jippes and Danie Jippes
  • His Star sign is Libra
  • His other works include being the artist of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit comic book adaption as well as that most famous for his tales of Donald Duck's family were written and drawn in the spirit and style of Carl Barks. Since 1992, he has redrawn much of the "Huey, Dewey & Louie: Junior Woodchucks" spinoff series which were written by Barks circa 1970-1973 but originally illustrated by inferior artists. The most famous episodes of this comic book include "Bottled Battlers", "Traitor in the Ranks", "Hound of the Moaning Hills", "The Day the Mountain Shook", and "Wailing Whalers", some of which were published in the book Donald Duck Family: The Daan Jippes Collection, Gemstone, 2008. Another Barks script redrawn by Jippes is "Pawns of the Loup Garou", an epic adventure pitting Donald Duck and company against an Arctic werewolf.