Croesus is the main antagonist in the Hercules: The Animated Series episode "Hercules and the Big Sink".

Role in the Series

Croesus is the owner of Atlantis and the richest man in the world. He's so rich that even the Gods and the Fates will accept his bribes.

When Cassandra predicts that Atlantis is going to sink, the tourists stop coming out of fear of getting drowned. An enraged Croesus bribes Hades to borrow Pain and Panic, who he sent to kidnap Cassandra and the Fates to convince people that Cassandra's vision is completely false. After they do so, he confronts Cassandra who admits that she made the vision up and agrees to make a public confession on the matter.

However, Cassandra has a real vision of Atlantis sinking. Enraged, Croesus imprisons Cassandra and Homer. Later, he is confronted by Hercules, who figured out that he is behind Cassandra's kidnapping. To deal with him, Croesus bribes Poseidon to send Scylla to deal with Hercules. The fighting between the two leads to Atlantis getting cut from the Tapestry of Fate, causing Atlantis to sink and fulfilling Cassandra's vision. Croesus tries to get Hades to help him but the Lord of the Underworld refuses to help him because the bank containing all his money just sank, therefore, making his checks worthless (he only came back to reclaim Pain and Panic). When Atlantis sinks, Croesus goes down with it, a victim of a catastrophe he himself set in motion.


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