"Crash Lands" is the premiere episode of Crash & Bernstein and the first episode overall.


Wyatt, the only boy in a house full of girls, desperately wishes for a brother. This results in him building a puppet at the Build-A-Bestie store. The puppet, named Crash, comes to life, and the two "brothers" plan to get Wyatt his own room. After a failed attempt to get Amanda to leave, Crash cuts down the apartment wall with a power saw, leading to an argument between the two. Crash leaves when Wyatt says he doesn't want a brother who just destroys things. Crash then goes to the arcade to apologize to Wyatt and promises he won't cause any more trouble. Crash then takes responsibility for the wall. The apartment's landlord Mr. Poulos gives Crash a job of destroying the Build-A-Bestie store. Crash agrees, but only if he gets to bring Wyatt.