The crabs are minor antagonists in the 2003 Disney/Pixar animated film, Finding Nemo.


Physical appearance

The crabs are of different color: one is red, while the other is yellow.


The crabs are shown to very territorial and dislike other sea creatures trespassing on their turf.


Finding Nemo

The crabs make their appearance in the film, trying to get scraps out of bubbles that are coming out of Sydney's sewage pipes. They have their own spot, and would order another crab to go and use a different spot. Shortly afterwards, Nemo pops out of the pipe, wondering where his father Marlin is. The crabs try to grab him, but he escapes, causing them to fight each other.

Later, Nemo and Dory come to the crabs and ask them where Marlin is. The yellow crab tells them that he has seen him swimming past earlier, but refuses to tell them where Marlin is going, until Dory attempts to feed him to the seagulls to which the crab to talk and frantically reveals Marlin went to the fishing grounds just before the seagulls just before the seagulls can get him.

During the credits, one of the crabs can be seen dangling from one of the filmmakers' names.


  • According to the Pixar Character Encyclopedia, their names are Bernie (yellow) and Baz (red).

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