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The Cosmic Explorers is a youth organization that appears in the Disney Junior animated series Miles from Tomorrowland. The primary objective of the Cosmic Explorers is exploring and learning about the wonders of universe, and like any kind of Scout Troops, the Cosmic Explorers earn badges (dubbed "Holo-Badges") for every objective they complete.


There are currently twelve regular members of the Cosmic Explorers. Originally there were eight members, including Miles, Pipp and Blodger alongside five unknown members, until Loretta at some point after "The Neptune Adventure" chose to join the Cosmic Explorers, along with Haruna Kitumba and Prince Rygan, who joined in "Scavengers of Mars". Mirandos recently joined the troop at some point before the events of "Unfair Getaway".

Known Members

Member Description
Miles Callisto
Miles is one of the three known members of the Cosmic Explores and at the time was the only human in the Troop before Loretta and Haruna joined. Miles is probably one of the most honored members out of the eleven for his courage and leadership whenever the Cosmic Explorers find themselves in a sticky situation.

Earned Holo-Badges:

  • Blast Boarding Holo
  • Meteoroid Sledding Holo
  • Explorer Exchange Holo
  • Neptune Holo
  • Leadership Holo
  • T.T.A. Discovery Holo
  • Climbing Holo
  • Building Day Holo
  • T.T.A. Mission Holo
Loretta Callisto
Loretta is the third known female member of the Cosmic Explorers. Following after the incident at the Trident Research Station, Loretta became an official honorary member, alongside her brother, Miles.

Earned Holo-Badges:

  • Neptune Holo
  • T.T.A. Discovery Holo
  • Building Day Holo
  • T.T.A. Mission Holo
Blodger Blopp
Coming Soon...

Earned Holo-Badges:

  • Explorer Exchange Holo
  • Neptune Holo
  • T.T.A. Discovery Holo
  • Building Day Holo
  • T.T.A. Mission Holo
Pipp Wimpley
Coming Soon...

Earned Holo-Badges:

  • Neptune Holo
  • T.T.A. Discovery Holo
Prince Rygan
Rygan joined the Cosmic Explorers in "Scavengers of Mars" and is currently the first and only member of the Troop to be royalty.

Earned Holo-Badges:

  • T.T.A. Discovery Holo
Haruna Kitumba
Haruna joined the Cosmic Explorers in "Scavengers of Mars" and became the third human member in the Troop alongside Miles and Loretta.

Earned Holo-Badges:

  • T.T.A. Discovery Holo
  • Building Day Holo
Cosmic Explorer - Mirandos
Mirandos joined the Cosmic Explorers at some point before the events of "Unfair Getaway" and became the fourth known female member alongside Loretta and the first Ariellian in the Troop.

Earned Holo-Badges:

  • Building Day Holo
  • T.T.A. Mission Holo


Throughout the show, the Cosmic Explorers earn Holo-Badges. Usually they are conveniently linked to whatever objective they achieve, while some are earned independently like leaderships and discovery.

Cosmic Explorer Rules

  • No. 3: Never turn off your Questcom.
  • No. 5: Be kind to everyone in space.
  • No. 7: Cosmic Explorers never quit.
  • No. 8: Don't pitch your tent on a lunar anthill.
  • No. 9: Proceed with caution.
  • No. 20: Don't laugh while drinking milk.
  • No. 21: Find your inner power.
  • No. 24: Some missions call for instructions and sometimes you have to find your own way.
  • No. 28: Redundancy is the best policy.
  • No. 37: Listen.
  • No. 53: Be ready to try new things.
  • No. 54: Never tell your secrets to a Marsh-Frog.
  • No. 63: Look before you leap.
  • No. 64: Don't turn off the gravity in a swimming pool.
  • No. 118: What you can't do alone, you can do as a team. Even if you have to make it up as you go.
  • No. 119: Never blow your nose in a wormhole.


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