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Cornelius Bugspit (voiced by Curtis Armstrong) is the drama and history teacher at Buzzdale Academy of The Buzz on Maggie. He first appeared in "King Flear" where he was the director of the play King Flear. But then Maggie directed her own version of the play, because Bugspit wouldn't let the people stand where they wanted. Bugspit is also the editor for Buzzdale Daily Buzz, the Buzzdale school paper.


Maggie Pesky

Like with all the teachers, Maggie has a special relationship with them, because she sometimes tries to cheat on tests and such.

Chauncey Pesky

Since "Faking History", Bugspit had a friend relationship with Chauncey, because Maggie invited him over so he could se her making her diorama


  • "King Flear"
  • "Metamorpho Sis"
  • "Ant Mines"
  • "Faking History"

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