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Background information
Feature films Finding Nemo
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Elizabeth Perkins
Performance model
Inspiration Bambi's mother


Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Loving, kind, protective, beautiful, sweet, courageous, brave, gentle
Appearance Slender orange common clownfish
Occupation Marlin's wife, Nemo's mother
Alignment Good
Goal To protect her children (failed)
Home Great Barrier Reef
Relatives Marlin (husband), Nemo (son)
Allies Her husband Marlin
Enemies The barracuda
Likes Her family, the neighborhood
Dislikes Danger, Marlin's worries about the kids liking him
Powers and abilities Swimming abililties
Weapons Fins
Fate Disappeared, it is unknown where she is, but she isn't dead.
Quote "Because a lot of other clownfish had their eyes on this place."

Coral is a minor character from Disney/Pixar's 2003 film Finding Nemo. She is voiced by Elizabeth Perkins.


Finding Nemo

In Finding Nemo, Coral was Marlin's wife and Nemo's mother. She was shown at the beginning of the movie, and she and Marlin swam down to their sea anemone where there were hundreds of eggs. He then decided to name half the kids Marlin, Jr. and the other half Coral, Jr. But she says that she likes Nemo, so he says that he'll only name one that. When she wondered why he was looking at her the way he did, he told her how they first met and made her laugh so hard that she tried to get away from him by swimming out of the anemone. When he swam out after her, he saw her staring at a barracuda, then told her to get back inside. Despite his attempts to get her to do so, she rushed down to protect the eggs, and the barracuda went in after her. Marlin tried to fend it off, but it slapped him with its tail and knocked him out. When he later woke up that night, he discovered Coral was gone, his eggs they were eaten by the barracuda. He then found only one egg, which would later be named Nemo to honor Coral's wish.

Coral the Clownfish


  • In the original storyboard of the film, it was shot so that the audience could glimpse Coral in the barracuda's mouth, but was later cut.
  • She is the first Female Pixar character to die.

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