Cool Rinnings Soundtrack
The Cool Runnings Soundtrack features songs from and inspired by the film Cool Runnings.


The album with 11 tracks was released by Sony in 1993 on compact disc (Columbia/Chaos OK 57553).

In some European countries the soundtrack album was released by Sony with a 12th (bonus) track being Rise Above It performed by Lock Stock and Barrel (Columbia 474840 2). Songs from the sound track also featured in a little know musical "Rasta in the Snow", which was based on events of the real Jamaican sled team.


  1. Wild Wild Life - Wailing Souls
  2. I Can See Clearly Now - Jimmy Cliff
  3. Stir It Up - Diana King
  4. Cool Me Down - Tiger
  5. Picky Picky Head - Wailing Souls
  6. Jamaican Bobsledding Chant - Worl-A-Girl
  7. Sweet Jamaica - Tony Rebel
  8. Dolly My Baby - Super Cat
  9. Love You Want - Wailing Souls
  10. Countrylypso - Hans Zimmer
  11. The Walk Home - Hans Zimmer