The Judges are the three cookies who must select the Queen of the Cookie Carnival in the 1935 Silly Symphony animated short, The Cookie Carnival.


The Cookie Carnival

They are those who decide what will be the Queen of the parade, but not the candidates liked them too and rejected them all to be Queen, until they saw Miss Bonbon (the Sugar Cookie Girl) and was named Queen of the parade. Then warn her that it should choose the King, but when she refuses them all, they try to convince her to choose one of them, but his attempt was in vain as Hobo Cookie arrived at that precise moment, so they named it King at the request of Girl Cookie.

House of Mouse

One of the Judges appears briefly in the film Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse, fainting after he sees Ludwig Von Drake eating a gingerbread man, much to their horror.