Connie Benge[3] is one of Doug's friends in Disney's Doug.


Like Doug, Connie is sweet and naive. At times, she can be a bit emotional as well. She usually hangs out with Patti and Beebe, and appears to be Beebe's closest friend. In the Disney series, she is also shown to be a very talented musician, and once won a music contest.

In the Nickelodeon series, Connie's been shown to have a crush on Doug, however he doesn't return any of her feelings, and only considers her a friend. According to an issue of Disney Adventures, she also has a crush on Roger. Her feelings towards Doug are still slightly hinted at in the Disney series.

Connie has a small role in Doug's 1st Movie, only appearing alongside Beebe in three scenes. She's the one who tells Doug about how no one's helping out with the Valentine's Dance, prompting him to sign up to volunteer.


  • Her appearance had a slightly drastic and noticiable change in the Disney series. Originally, she was chubby, however, in the Disney series, she became very skinny, as she and her mom both visited a beauty farm during the summer in between the last episode of the Nick series and the first episode of the Disney series. She also now wears earrings and a headband.
  • In Doug's Disappearing Dog, she appears in Bebe's flashback in her original design.
  • Apparently in Doug's Chubby Buddy, she forgot she was fat.