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Colonel Ri​chter is a special agent with Landmark City's law enforcement in A.T.O.M.. He firsts crosses paths with the Alpha Teens when he believes they have become criminals. When it is revealed that it was the shape changing Optical along with Alexander Paine's gang who set them up, Richter drops the charges against them. He would later help them capture Team Omega as well as a corrupt cop and corrupt judge that worked for Paine.

During Richter's attempt to catch Paine, Axel Manning and his team interrupt it, taking it upon themselves to stop him. After Paine escapes, Richter and Axel (who tries to capture Paine on the anniversary of his dad's death) go at each others' throats. When Axel captures Paine a day later, Richter still doesn't approve of Axel's methods, but is relieved that Paine is going back to prison.

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