Cogs are the main villains in Toontown Online. They are robots trying to take over ToontownToons must defeat them using gags, which are the Toons' weapons.

Cogs have different levels of difficulty to defeat. When a Toon's attack is strong enough, the Cog will explode and the Toon does a victory dance. If a Cog manages to defeat a Toon, the Toon goes sad and the Cogs do a victory dance.

The Cogs were created accidentally by Scrooge McDuck when he matched blue and red wires inside a robot Gyro Gearloose was working on. The robot grew evil and started to create smaller robots called Cogs. It is rumored that the evil robot is the Chairman, the leader of all Cogs.

There are 4 different types of Cogs, each type having there own leader. There are Bossbots, Lawbots, Sellbots, and Cashbots. The leaders are big Cogs with treads instead of legs. Each type of Cog Boss is listed here:

Bossbot: C.E.O. / Chief Executive Officer

Lawbot: C.J. / Chief Justice

Sellbot: V.P. / Vice President

Cashbot: C.F.O. / Chief Financial Officer