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Cody's Mother is a character in The Rescuers Down Under. She is a widowed mother, because Cody mentions in the film that his father had died. Throughout the film, her face was never shown on the screen, but the bottom of her head was visible in a scene from where a ranger is giving Cody's Backpack to her.

The Rescuers Down Under

In the beginning, Cody's mother is seen in the kitchen cleaning dishes and listening to the radio. She then hears Cody sneaking out of the house and asks him about his breakfast to which Cody tells her that he has some sandwiches in his backpack. Cody's mother then tells him to be home for supper to which he tells her "No worries."

Later on in the film when Cody doesn't come home for dinner, his mother goes outside and calls for him (not knowing that he's been kidnapped by a poacher named Percival McLeach) and when he doesn't come back or respond, she has the local rangers look for him. Later on, a ranger is seen giving Cody's Backpack to her, which was found near Crocodile Falls and it is believed by the Rangers that Cody had been attacked by the Crocodiles and either is dead or is still missing, but the Rangers have decided to call off the search for him.

Cody's mother doesn't appear anymore in the film after the scene where the Ranger gives her Cody's Backpack. However, she'd be happy and relieved to be reunited with Cody when he returns home safely with Bernard, Bianca, Jake, and Marahute and then realizes it was McLeach who was really responsible for his kidnapping.


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