Coach Zucchini is a shopkeeper found in Oak Street near the Sellbot Headquarters entrance. His building is called Squash and Strech gym. He is a skinny yellow duck with a purple shirt with red shorts.


#Talk to Coach Zucchini.

  1. Defeat a Sellbot Factory.
  2. Return for Reward.

Reward: Carry 80 Jellybeans.


  • The task he gives is one of the ones you'll hear toons asking for help with the most in Daisy Gardens.
  • A user on YouTube called Coach Zucchini makes videos about bad (and good) gameplay in Toontown and how to improve it with help from the character. He has now quit Toontown. He returned to Toontown on September 26, 2014 however on a fan-made Toontown (Called Toontown Rewritten ).A fan of Coach Zucchini called Coach Zucchini Jr. started making videos as the son of the original coach.