"Clogged" is the thirtieth episode of Mickey Mouse.


Minnie attempts to make a windmill work in order to save a flower in her garden.



The episode beings with Minnie riding on her bike and singing to go to clogged. She poops her hat off (the same was show) and she takes her food with her. Minnie drops her food on the floor and she got shocked by the dead flower, but she helps flower to get alive,and she puts her tear on flower. The pink flower started coughing and said water, its wants Minnie to fix it. Minnie started breathing in and blows (2 times) she got dizzy. She uses this fan to fix the Clogged, but it didn't work. Minnie do the music or song to get the clogged fix, but they put music note on the clogged, but it didn't work either (Minnie got angry when she breaks the stick). She goes up to get her idea and she fixes the clogged, but it didn't either. Minnie started falling on the ground, and the bike appeared, but Minnie thinks she had a good idea. She bikes with her yellow shoe since fixing the clogged, but its too heavy for yellow one. Minnie got her blue shoe on (the medium side) she started biking. Pink Flower asks Minnie that it needs more, but she puts red shoe (BIG SIZE) she started biking again, and the pink flower became alive. The bike was going to faster and faster and faster, and pink flower started coughing, but Minnie takes her shoes off (she got stuck) she thinks this was stupid for her that the strong winds destroys. The pink flowers got blown by the wind, got the cloths got blown. The woman showed her buttocks, but the face was shown

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  • The Netherlands


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