The costume evolution of Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar.

Picture Year As seen in Notes
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1973 Disney on Parade Clarabelle has a pink face and hippo-like front teeth while Horace has a blue face.
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1974-1975 A Disneyland parade Based on their black and white cartoon versions.
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  • Clarabelle: 1992 - present
  • Horace: 1998 - present
Disney World Clarabelle and Horace now get new larger heads and have foam in their muzzles. They also sport their outfits from The Band Concert.

Notice that Clarabelle has blue eye shadow and thick eyelashes. She usually has her two buck teeth together.

November 2016 Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration The articulated Clarabelle is accurate to the one from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
November 3, 2017 - present Disneyland and Frontierland at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom A non-articulated version of Clarabelle which debuted in Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration sports a new outfit: a red sailor hat with a yellow flower as the classic version of Minnie had, a yellow blouse and a red skirt with yellow trimmings and pumps with the same shoe style as Daisy.

For Horace, he has received a cartoony look with his ears twitching upward, his belly becoming rounder, his nostrils being far apart, and now has his Kingdom Hearts attire. Also like Clarabelle, his inner ears are flesh and his muzzle is no longer covered with foam. He also has a realistic horse tail.

They still have retained Mickey and Minnie's 1978 gloves, however.