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DunBroch sword emblem
The sword, symbol of the DunBroch clan
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DunBroch's emblem, as represented on a medal
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Clan DunBroch is a Scottish clan in Brave. It is the ruling clan of the kingdom of the same name, to which belongs King Fergus and his family, including Merida.

The emblem of the DunBroch clan represents three bears disposed in a circle. Its symbol is the sword.


DunBroch tartan
The Clan's tartan
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Sample of the DunBroch tartan as registered of the Scottish Register of Tartans
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The tartan worn by the members of the clan is mainly colored in gray, dark turquoise, and scarlet.

The DunBroch tartan pattern is physically impossible to make with traditional tartan weaving methods.

Disney/Pixar has registered its pattern on the Scottish Register of Tartans, and gave the following information:

It should be noted however, that the tartan in the movie being made of a very coarse fabric, it doesn't have as much detail and color as the one officially registered. However, it matches the one John Lasseter, Mark Andrews and others wore for premieres of Brave.

Known Members


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