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Chucho is a supporting character from Disney's Beverly Hills Chihuahua.


Beverly Hills Chihuahua

When Sam, Rachel, and Papi are out looking for Chloe, Papi gets Chloe's scent and runs towards some sewage pipes, where Chucho and Rafa lie. Papi says that they have Chloe's scent and describes Chloe. They remember Chloe from the dogfight. Papi tells them to follow him and leads them to Rachel and Sam. Rachel is all for keeping them, as long as they give them a bath as they stink. After an eventful doggie-bath, the two fresh dogs speak to Papi about their quest. He refuses to give up. Later on, Ramirez, Rachel, and Sam speak to the store owner about Chloe's collar. Apparently, he was almost arrested for having it. He complains about the rat (Manuel) and iguana (Chico) messing up his store. Rachel gives him Chucho as a pet guard dog, much to his pleasure.


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