Chore Troubles is a 1956 Jiminy Cricket comic story.


Jiminy Cricket has been sleeping in Grandma Duck's mailbox. When he gets close to the house, he hears Grandma firing her helper Gus Goose, who leaves. Then Grandma cries who will help the poor widow with the farm chores. Jiminy wants to convince them to make amends, but both leave before he can reach them, so Jiminy decides to do the farm chores himself.

When getting the eggs, Jiminy is met with the chicks' disapproval and has to leave. Then he decides to cut firewood, for which he ties a saw to a tree and its other side to the windmill, so it will move and cut a log. However, a crow takes the rope and when he drops it, the saw crashes with the tree and apples fall on Jiminy Cricket's head.

When Grandma Duck returns, Jiminy Cricket tells her everything, to which Grandma laughs and explains to Jiminy that she and Gus were just practising lines for a play, and Gus returns shortly after. Grandma Duck wants to give Jiminy Cricket an apple pie as thanks for trying the chores, but Jiminy asks for it to be strawberry, as he was just hit on the head by some apples.