"Choo-Choo Express" is a special hour-length episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


Mickey and the gang build a train, so they can carry the professor's non-melting snow from the Mistletoe Mountain to the Clubhouse.


Part 1

  • A giant button
  • A ladder
  • A magnet
  • An elephant

Part 2

  • Marbles
  • An ice cream scoop
  • Glowey the glowworm
  • A long ribbon


  • In addition to their two songs (the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" theme song and "Hot Dog!"), They Might Be Giants are also heard during the closing credits with a song specially written for this episode ("Choo-Choo Express").
  • This episode even marks the first (and so far, only) time that the Mouskadoer dispenses two sets of Mousekatools.
  • This episode contains two parts rather than being one full special. In some countries (e. g. Germany) this episode has been split in two standard-length episodes with short transitions, the first called Mickey's Clubhouse Choo-Choo and the second episode being renamed into Mickey's Train Station. This episode is also split into two on DVD and other home media releases.
  • In the UK, the episode was titled as Mickey's Clubhouse Choo Choo in December 2009, the UK airing of the episode was renamed again Choo-Choo Express.
  • This episode was dedicated "in loving memory" to Wayne Allwine, who had voiced Mickey Mouse since 1977, as he died on May 18, 2009 of complications caused by diabetes.
  • All the guests at the end of the episode participate in the Hot Dog Dance.