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Chimera is a creature that appears in Disney Kingdoms: Figment. She is a large pink dog-like animal, with four legs and a pair of wings.


Disney Kingdoms: Figment

The Chimera is first introduced in the second issue. When Figment and Blair seek shelter inside a cave upon their arrival in the imaginary realm, she slurps up the metal buttons on his suit. When the creature tries taking Blair's pocketwatch, he chases the beast to get it back, but ends up drawing the attention of the Sound Sprites. The Sprites, who don't like the destructive messes Chimeras can cause, capture Figment and Blair and take them to their prison in the Audio Archipelago. The duo are placed with a misfit Sound Sprite named Fye.

When Blair engineers an escape by creating a key, the Chimera comes to the aid of the three and helps them escape, though they find themselves consumed by the power of the Nightmare Nation. The Chimera is confronted and trapped by growling shadowy creatures. When Blair becomes the Dreamfinder and disperses the dark clouds, Chimera and Fye accompany Figment and Dreamfinder to London. They find the city under seige by the Singular and aid the city's people in fighting back against his robots. When Dreamfinder and Figment sacrifice themselves by creating a portal to trap all the robots and the Singular, Chairman Illocrant offers a home at the Academy Lucida for Fye and the Chimera as part of his way to honor their sacrifice, not knowing that they survived in another time and place.

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