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Chiller is a Frostcrawler Slug who belongs to Eli Shane. He is from the show Slugterra.

Background information

Eli found Chiller in the episode "The Slugout". As a wild-caught Slug, Chiller is a rookie, as well as one of Eli's more timid Slugs.

Ever since "The Journey Home", he has had a cold that causes him to sneeze a wall of ice.

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Small blast of ice, ice pack, refrigeration for food packs.
  • Glaciator - Blows freezing wind, can create a block of ice.
  • Frostwall - Blows freezing wind, instantly creates a wall of ice.
  • Deepfreeze - Ice storm instantly freezes an opponent or a large object inside a block of ice.
  • Winterhorn - Shoots a hail of jagged icicle projectiles.
  • Icefloor - Forms a sheet of ice under opponent, making them slip.
  • Frostsledge - Creates a path of ice that the slugslinger can slide or be pulled along at high speed.


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