Chief Chilkoot is a minor character from Disney's 2006 film Brother Bear 2, sequel to the 2003 film, Brother Bear. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.


Kind, warm and accepting, and very supportive of his daughter, even when her heart leads her to make choices that are different than what he wanted for her. He first shows up when Nita is preparing for her wedding to Atka, telling her that she looked as beautiful in her mother's wedding dress as her mother had. Later, at the second wedding attempt, he shows concern over the fact that she doesn't seem happy. When she chooses to stay with Kenai and Koda, he tells her that no matter what she decides, she will always be his daughter, and he will always love her no matter what.



  • It is unknown if Chilkoot is the brother of Siqiniq and Taqqiq or if he's their brother-in-law.

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