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Children's Riddles and Game Songs is a 1964 Disneyland Records album featuring Goofy.


  • Released in 1964. Executive Producer: Jimmy Johnson. Producer: Camarata. Harpischordist: Amindav Aloni. Running Time: 29 minutes.
  • Voices: Pinto Colvig (Goofy); Bill Lee (Singing Voice of Goofy and Other Vocals).
  • Songs: “Laugh, Laugh, Laugh” by Tutti Camarata; “Knock, Knock, Who’s There” by Vincent Lopez, Johnny Morris, Jimmy Tyson, Bill Davies; “Join Into the Game” (Traditional); “The Riddle Song” (Traditional); “The Sycamore Tree” (Traditional); “The Instrument Song (Shusti Fiddli)” (Traditional).
  • Spoken Segments: “Jokes and Riddles”, “Limericks and Jokes”.

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