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Chicken Boy is a Toon NPC yellow Duck who owns Pea Soup Cafe on Walrus Way, The Brrrgh. He will have a Toontask that will reward Toons a Laff Boost. He wears a yellow-sleeved and green shirt with a football on it.


1. Visit Chicken Boy on Walrus Way, The Brrrgh.

2. Recover a Soccer Ball from one of the following Cogs:

3. Return Soccer Ball to Chicken Boy.

Reward: +1 Laff Boost


  • Wearing a Soccer Ball T-Shirt and having to recover a Soccer Ball from one of the Cogs may indicate his passion for Soccer.
  • He wears an unreleased T-Shirt, meaning no Toon has the yellow-sleeved and green soccer ball T-shirt.