"Chester, Yesterday's Horse" is an episode of The Wonderful World of Disney.


It's about the faith of a fourteen-year-old boy in a Belgian draft horse named Chester. Chester was retired from the logging industry when modern equipment became available. His owner, Ben Kincaid (Bill Williams), was injured in an accident and the owner's son, Silver (Jeff Tyler), tried to earn money by entering Chester in a pulling contest. Chester beat the other horses but lost to tractor. On the way home from the contest, the boy and the horse found the lumber boss trapped in a burning truck. Silver attached a cable to Chester's harness and the big Belgian righted the cab so that Silver could get the boss out before the truck exploded. As a reward for their heroic effort, the boss asked Silver and Chester to report to work the next morning.


  • Russ McCubbin ... Russ Benson
  • Jerry Gatlin ... Bord Sullivan
  • Barbara Hale ... Belle Kincaid
  • Jeff Tyler ... Silver Kincaid
  • Bill Williams ... Ben Kincaid
  • Pete Logan ... Announcer
  • Maynard Hadley ... Tractor Salesman
  • Floyd Gibson ... Balloon Operator