Cheetah, also known as Cheetah and Friends, is a 1989 live-action film from Walt Disney Pictures starring Keith Coogan, Lucy Deakins, and Collin Mothupi. It was based on Alan Caillou's novel The Cheetahs. It was shot in Nairobi, Kenya. It features the phrase "Hakuna Matata" which became famous when Disney released The Lion King five years later.


LA siblings Ted and Susan aren't really looking forward to spending six months in Kenya with their scientist parents Earl and Jean. Once there, they change their minds when, together with local goat herder Morogo, they adopt a female cheetah cub they call Duma. They soon realize that they must set her loose so that she can learn to hunt and be free. However, she is captured by a covetous store owner, along with a poacher and his accomplice who want to race her against greyhounds. Ted and Susan, together with Morogo, head off into the wild to rescue her.

After Ted and Susan get captured by the trio, Morogo sets them free and head off to Nairobi Downs. However, the police has them in custody, but they escape by tricking him by letting them use the bathroom. They hop into a sheep farmer's truck to go to Nairobi.

When Duma was about to lose the race, Ted snatches his whistle from a cop and blows it to make Duma go faster and win and Mr. Patel and Nigel lose the bet. Duma chases and attacks Abdullah and he gets arrested.

After that, the trio decide to release Duma back into the wild where she belongs.


  • Keith Coogan as Ted Johnson, Susan's younger brother
  • Lucy Deakins as Susan Johnson, Ted's older sister
  • Collin Mothupi as Morogo, a Masai tribal goat herder
  • Timothy Landfield as Earl Johnson, Ted and Susan's father
  • Breon Gorman as Jean Johnson, Ted and Susan's mother
  • Mhlangabezi Ka Vundla as Kipoin, Morogo's father
  • Lydia Kigada as Lani, Morogo's mother
  • Paul Onsongo as Abdullah, a poacher who wants to skin Duma if she loses
  • Kuldeep Bhakoo as Mr. Patel, a covetous store owner who wants to exploit Duma by making her race against greyhounds
  • Anthony Baird as Nigel, Mr. Patel's accomplice
  • Allaudin Qureshi as Patel's cousin, Mr. Patel's unnamed cousin
  • Rory McGuinness as Larry
  • Rod Jacobsen as David
  • Konga Mbandu as Police Captain
  • David Adido as Mwangi
  • Frank Turner as Greyhound Owner
  • Richard Clarke as Announcer
  • Michael Rogers as Racetrack Policeman
  • Joe Herrington as Duma, an orphaned female cheetah