Check "Grin" Hardwing[3] is a character from the Mighty Ducks TV series. He was voiced by Brad Garrett.

Mighty Ducks

Grin is a super strong Goliath with a Zen-like philosophy. Unlike the stereotype of strong people, Grin is wise and does not let his anger cloud his judgment. He rarely uses weapons in battle, relying on his wisdom and strength instead. He has a strong sense of honor and can always be counted on for support. He is a good friend of Nosedive. During Grin's younger years, he had a horrible temper. He found enlightenment with the training from the grand hockey master, Tai Quack Do. His jersey number is 1.

Episode Appearances

  • "The First Face-Off Part 1 & 2"
  • "A Traitor Among Us"
  • "Zap Attack"
  • "Phil in the Blank"
  • "Power Play"
  • "Dungeons and Ducks"
  • "Take Me to Your Leader"
  • "The Human Factor"
  • "Beak to the Future"
  • "Microducks"
  • "Beaks vs B.R.A.W.N."
  • "Jurassic Puck"
  • "The Return of Dr. Droid"
  • "Mondo-Man"
  • "Puck Fiction"
  • "Monster Rally"
  • "Buzz Blitzman--Mighty Duck"
  • "Bringing Down Baby"
  • "Mad Quacks Beyond Hockeydome"
  • "The Final Face-Off"
  • "The Iced Ducks Cometh"
  • "The Most Dangerous Duck Hunt"
  • "The Return of Asteroth"
  • "Duck Hard"
  • "To Catch a Duck"


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